News Monitors blog: The Future of Space Exploration Technology

For almost 20 years, humans have maintained a continuous presence beyond Earth. The International Space Station has provided a habitat where humans can live and work for extended periods of time. Yet, despite having established a permanent base for life in space, terra firma is always in reach—within 254 miles, to be exact. If a… Read More News Monitors blog: The Future of Space Exploration Technology

Defending Data

We’ve got information coming out our ears — and our phones and social accounts — and ASU researchers are working to protect it In today’s fast-moving, high-tech world, we leave digital footprints nearly everywhere we go, our sensitive personal information is under attack from those who want to track our habits or steal our identities,… Read More Defending Data

OSINT What Do You Need to Know About Open Source Intelligence?

With social media users growing steadily, the worldwide quantity of digital data doubles every year. Skillful mining of Big Data is now an essential dimension of counterterrorism, cybersecurity, drug policy enforcement, border security, and intelligence gathering. Actionable analysis requires crossing traditional boundaries of geography, language, and culture. Law enforcement seeks predictive capabilities to protect civilians from… Read More OSINT What Do You Need to Know About Open Source Intelligence?


The legislature experiences serious difficulties getting everybody to concur on who the most critical future danger is. Iran is the most as often as possible specified risk, the one that even numerous Shia Iraqis see as a neighbor more keen on oppressing than supporting Iraq. In any case, Iran is additionally the neighbor with the… Read More Iraq

India-Pakistan: Power Without Responsibility

December 29, 2017: Pakistan fears the United States and India will carry out more unauthorized attacks inside Pakistan against Islamic terrorist targets. Pakistan is particularly concerned with protecting the Haqqani Network, an Afghan led group that has prospered under Pakistani protection and is now believed to control the leadership of the Afghan Taliban, Pakistan has… Read More India-Pakistan: Power Without Responsibility


The extra American ground powers sent to Afghanistan this year are focusing on Taliban coordinations and that implies assaults on the medication pack foundation. There are thirteen medication groups in Afghanistan and most depend on Helmand for something. A large portion of these groups have a noteworthy piece of their heroin generation in Helmand and… Read More Taliban