New US base in Syria

In status for a forthcoming standoff for control of southeast Syria, US Special Forces have set up a forward base at Al-Zukf in the Syrian Desert The area is 70km northwest of the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian fringe triangle and the Al Tanf crossing, which is controlled by US, Western unified and Jordanian uncommon strengths, together with a US-prepared Syrian revolt unit, which calls itself the Revolutionary Commando.

American sources say the Al Zukf base was set up for two destinations: One is to obstruct the way of the Syrian armed force Hizballah protected section, which has been progressing for the past fortnight from Al-Suweida in southeastern Syria toward the Al-Tanf crossing.

Alternate US target is to catch the key town of Abu Kamal, a separation of 200km northwest of Al-Tanf, from Islamic State control.

Be that as it may, the abrogating objective of the US propel base is to ruin the Syrian, Hizballah and other professional Iranian powers from picking up control of 300km of the Syrian-Iraqi fringe as having the capacity to open up Tehran’s pined for direct land extension to the Mediterranean through Iraq.

The US compel is not the only one in its offered for control of this key territory. It is getting really swarmed.

The Syria Army’s fourth reinforced division moved for the current week into the southern Syrian town of Daraa near the Jordanian fringe and around 330km west of the new Al-Zukf base. The division moved in with high-review Russian-made T-90 tanks finish with its high order, headed by Bashar Assad’s more youthful sibling, Gen. Maher al-Assad. The general and staff officers were located completing reviews of Daraa’s landscape ahead of time of the resumption of dangers. Parts of this potential combat zone are close to 1,000 meters from the Jordanian outskirt.

Our insight sources additionally revealed that, this week, advance north, al-Qods boss, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, leader of Iran’s Syrian and Iraqi fronts, crossed into Syria from Iraq alongside his operations staff. They joined the Palmyra-based summon and control of the Syrian drive, which is taking off of the town in two sections for two towns – Deir ez-Zor, which is encompassed by Islamic State strengths, and Abu Kamal, which is under ISIS control. Components of Russian first class powers and Hizballah are battling alongside the Syrian troops.

The ingathering of significant military powers in this piece of Syria is unfavorable: The sending of a US forward base in the Syrian Desert, and the landing of the most senior Iranian and Syrian leaders at the head of first class units betoken the approach of a noteworthy confrontation for control of southeastern Syria and its vital various fringe resources.

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