Indirect US talks for ISIS fighters to exit Raqqa

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis revealed to CBS News Sunday night, May 28, that the battle against the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist assemble has “quickened” and moved to “destruction strategies.”

This declaration does not square with the roundabout talks the United States is subtly leading with ISIS for its authorities and the majority of its operational quality to stop Raqqa, its previous accepted Syrian capital, and move in Al Mayadeen and Abu Kamal in southeastern Syria.

The transactions are occurring between the US-supported Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which is ruled by the effective YPG Syrian Kurdish volunteer army aligned with Syrian Arabs. Thus, couple of ISIS contenders stay in Raqqa. This drive is American-prepared and furnished, and battles under the order of US exceptional powers officers.

The US was roused in releasing these discussions forward by three contemplations:

1. An arrangement would quicken Raqqa’s fall with at least setbacks for the aggressors.

2. Raqqa’s freedom would leave practically the whole extend of Kurdish-ruled region in northern Syria cleansed of jihadist fear mongers. American strengths and their Kurdish partners could then go for control of the northern segment of the Syrian-Iraqi fringe. US and Jordanian extraordinary strengths, consolidated with an American-prepared Syrian revolt gathering, have been directing a parallel battle for the southern area of that fringe.

3. In the event that Raqqa can be taken without a fight, the United States can shed its Kurdish accomplices. This would expel a considerable obstacle from the way of President Donald Trump’s discretion for drawing Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan again from his quickly propelling rapprochement with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

For Erdogan, any lift for the Kurdish cause is a warning. He is in this manner savagely restricted to their investment in the freedom of Raqqa.

The transactions with ISIS have been progressing for around ten days. They went ahead the heels of an arrangement for closure the Battle for Tabqa, a key Euphrates River town and air base around 50km from Raqqa, by permitting ISIS shields safe entry to the two Syrian Desert areas, subsequent to setting out their arms.

Be that as it may, on account of an arrangement for Raqqa, the Russians have recently tossed a spanner in progress.

As per an announcement issued by the Russian Defense Department on Saturday, May 27, Moscow knew about the YPG-ISIS talks and chosen to damage them by putting a Russian attack around the town and its ways out to foil the ISIS withdraw.

This scene does not precisely accord with the Defense Secretary Mattis’ attestation Sunday that “We have as of now moved from steady loss strategies where we push them starting with one position then onto the next in Iraq and Syria to obliteration strategies where we encompass them.”

Neither does it very fit the ringing call President Donald Trump issued from Riyadh to every Muslim country to join against fear based oppressors and “drive them out of this Earth.”

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