Will Trump proclaim an Arab-Muslim NATO in Riyadh?

President Donald Trump and Saudi King are accounted for by Gulf sources to want to declare the foundation of an Arab-Muslim organization together among the 17 rulers welcomed to go to a summit with the meeting US President on May 22. The invitees incorporate the individuals from the Gulf Cooperation Council, Jordan’s King Abdullah, the Moroccan King Muhammed, the Presidents of Algeria and Tunisia and Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi. It is uncertain whether Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan will be given a welcome when he visits the White House Tuesday, May 16.

Egyptian President Abdul-Fatteh El-Sisi has chosen to give the Riyadh summit a miss, excepting a very late change.

Eyewitnesses in the Gulf disclosed to DEBKAfile’s insight sources that the summit is intended to stamp the extension of guard relations between the US and direct Arab and Muslim countries for a consolidated war on the Islamic State.

Tehran denounces the US and Saudi pioneers as elevating this arrangement to cover their genuine reason which is not to battle ISIS but rather the Shiites in Iran, Iraq and Syria (the decision Alawites) and Hizballah in Lebanon. Iran’s Tabnak News Agency has cautioned that President Trump’s arranged excursion to Riyadh and his meeting with Saudi and other Arab pioneers will set the phase for a Sunni Arab-US organization together to counter Iran’s impact in the locale. Israel is constantly justified regardless of a say in Iranian media, adn they now assert that the part Trump doles out the Jewish state is that of provider of knowledge for the new Sunni Arab armed force

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