An Israeli – Russian Clash

The Israeli automaton that focused the Syrian militiaman Yasser Sayad outside the Golan town of Quneitra Sunday, March 19, fortified the message initially conveyed by the Israeli Arrow 2 which shot down a Syrian SA-5 against air rocket Friday. The Israeli minister was called twice to the Russian remote service.

Both hits were exact: Sayad was headed to join the Hizballah strengths who are trampling Syrian revolt towns on the Hermon slants to clear their way to the Golan; and the Syrian SA-5 was blocked microseconds before hitting the Israeli planes assaulting a relegation of Hizballah weapons outside the Syria T4 base close Palmyra, where a Russian unexpected is additionally housed.

After the air strike, Israel’s diplomat to Moscow Cary Koren was summoned to the Russian outside service to hear a notice from Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov to quit meddling with Russian arrangements for Syria.

Syria’s UN Ambassador Bashar Al Jaafari mirrored the Assad administration’s feeling of strengthening when he said taking after the Israeli air strikes in northern Syria: “The Syrian reaction was proper and changed the tenets of the amusement.” He guaranteed that Israel had been sternly cautioned by Moscow to stop such assaults and subsequently its pioneers “will think much sooner than making comparable move in future.”

In any case, after two days, the IDF was again in real life, this time on the Syrian Golan. A-Sayad was murdered outside Quneitra as declaration of Israel’s make plans to keep on waging fighting against the Iranian and Hizballah military nearness in Syria and their forceful push towards its outskirts.

Also, Sunday, Ambassador Koren was called to the remote service in Moscow for a moment dressing-down, this one, without a doubt sterner than the main, seeing that Israel had heightened its go head to head with Moscow on this issue and upped the ante for a potential IDF conflict with Russian powers in Syria, for better or in negative ways.

The legislature in Jerusalem has in actuality drawn a solid line against Moscow’s arrangement of permitting threatening Hizballah and paramilitary Syrian strengths, as to Golan Liberation Brigades, to pick up control of domain straightforwardly neighboring Israel – from the Hermon go through Qunetra and further west up to Daraa disregarding the Jordanian outskirt also.

DEBKAfile’s military sources uncover that Jerusalem was further frightened Sunday by finding that an Iraqi Shiite local army was en route, under the charge of Iran’s Al Qods boss Gen. Qassem Soleiman, to fortify Hizballah’s Hermon-Golan hostile. This volunteer army, called the Al-Nojba Movement, comprising of 1,500 Iraqi Shiite contenders, is the pet venture of Hizballah’s vice president Sheik Naieem Qassem, who sent officers to prepare them.

Since the Al Nojba volunteer army has been sent in the northern Syrian town of Aleppo, its exchange south to battle with Hizballah couldn’t have gone unnoticed by the Russian officers on the ground. The volunteer army’s arrival on the inclines of Hermon would proclaim the interruption of extra outside genius Iranian Shiite drives in this beset area on the edges of the Golan. Israel can be relied upon to intercede again to put a stop to this hazardous Russian-Iranian-Hizballah ploy to abuse the turbulence in Syria for permitting Israel’s adversaries to snatch forward attack positions in Syria.

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