US blocking Russia at Manbij

The Pentagon reported Tuesday, March 6, that a US defensively covered guard was sent around the questioned northern Syrian town of Manbij, and in an unordinary move, discharged a video portraying the escort and its men.

A US military representative tweeted that the US arrangement was a think move made to guarantee that powers inside the US-drove coalition prevented animosity and kept the attention on crushing ISIS.

Asserting that the US-drove coalition knew about the area of Russian-upheld Syrian powers, Pentagon representative Captain Jeff Davis told journalists Monday.

“They are absolutely mindful of where we are, and we know about where they are. There is no expectation among there being any contention against any gathering other than ISIS.”

DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the US defensively covered compel arrived amidst a muddled emergency around the critical town of Manjib, as far back as a blended Kurdish-Syrian Arab constrain caught it from ISIS a year ago with US air and military support.

A couple days back, the Kurdish YPG local army gave over a portion of the towns and military positions around the town to Russian and Syrian armed force units, as we uncovered in an article (Monday, March 5) on inclined up Russian-Iranian military participation in Syria, without American moves.

However, now, as Russian units adapted to enter Manjib, the Trump organization cautioned Russian President Vladimir Putin that on the off chance that they moved in, they would confront American powers.

The Trump organization has consequently made its first direct military move in Syria to remove the development of Russian powers in the North.

Our military sources uncover that the Russian units relegated to Manjib comprise for the most part of a Chechen commando detachment brought over by Moscow three months back.

Our sources included: Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump called Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu while he was being addressed by the police at his living arrangement. That call in all likelihood managed the likelihood of a US-Russian military conflict in Manjib, two days before Netanyahu sets out of Moscow for converses with the Russian president.

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