An Arab game with Syria Al Assad

Mystery contacts presently in progress in front of the Arab League summit not long from now may realize an ocean change in the Arab world’s association with Syrian President Bashar Assad, DEBKAfile’s sources report.

On Saturday, Feb. 25, Egypt’s parliamentary advisory group for Arab issues required the arrival of Syria to the Arab League. This progression symbolized an activity propelled by various pioneers to welcome Syrian President Bashar Assad to the March 29 Arab Summit in Amman – five years after Syria was removed from the 22-part Arab League over the savage common war then at its stature.

Three pioneers are leading the moves for Assad’s reacceptance by the Arab people group, regardless of whether together or independently: Russian President Vladimir Putin, Egyptian President Abdel-Fatteh El-Sissi and Jordanian King Abdullah. Every one of the three plan to see a memorable handshake and welcome amongst Assad and Saudi King Salman.

This would mean the compromise between Saudi Arabia which supported the Syrian agitators, and the Assad administration. Yet, for Assad, it would check aggregate Arab acknowledgment of his own triumph, when few anticipated that him would turn out alive from the about seven years of merciless fighting, initially started by the Arab Spring of December 2010.

Putin’s enthusiasm for this epic occasion is plainly obvious. When he propelled a noteworthy Russian intercession in the Syrian war in September 2015, President Barack Obama anticipated that the Russian armed force would soak in the Syrian entanglement. The Russian pioneer demonstrated him wrong, and his notoriety in the Arab world would take off in the event that he coujld induce King Salman to acknowledge Assad’s arrival to the Arab summit.

The arrangement is for the Syrian ruler to touch base in Amman furnished with a Russian safe-direct assurance, on board a Russian military air ship which would fly him there and once again from Russia’s Syrian army installation at Hmeimim

DEBKAfile’s knowledge and Middle Eastern sources report a whirlwind of courses of action for the occasion, with military officers and insight specialists from Russia, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria flying forward and backward between Cairo, Riyadh, Amman, Damascus and the Russian order in Syria.

Our sources likewise unveil that US authorities have implied in casual contacts with these gatherings that President Donald Trump is not opposed to the activity, in spite of the fact that his open position regarding the matter must anticipate the last assurance of his Middle East arrangement on the loose.

The US president barely specified the Middle East in his discourse to Congress Tuesday night, Feb. 28, yet for a reference to Iran’s ballistic rockets, since his arrangement his still a work in advance.

Putin may well exploit this lacuna for a more broad venture, enrolling Iran to the Arab peace handle with Assad, and extending it to incorporate a fixing up of the squabble amongst Tehran and Riyadh.

That was the question of the escalated comings and goings this week in the area, which saw Kuwaiti and Iranian authorities talking discreetly in Tehran, visits by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to Kuwait and Oman on Feb. 15, and the excursion by Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir to Baghdad on Feb. 25, when he sat down with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi.

They were all having their influence in a ploy for making Saudi compromise with Assad a midway stamp towards making peace between the oil kingdom and Iran also.

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