News Monitors Analytics: How is STRENGTH, SENTIMENT, INFLUENCERS, PASSION, AND REACH score calculated?

The influence score is News Monitors scoring system to identify which mentions are of higher importance. The score is currently available for 3 sources: Twitter, Web, and Instagram. It is always a number between 0 and 100 for all sources in order to be able to compare one with the other. Below you can see what we consider in order to assign an influencer score for each mention source.

Web Influence Score: Popularity of the website and links directing to it.
Twitter Influence Score: number of followers, number of friends, number of statuses.
Instagram Influence Score: number of followers, number of followed, number of posts.

  • Reach: This metric tries to measure your influence; that is, the number of individuals who are mentioning your product. This is the flipside of passion. Reach is calculated by the number of unique authors divided by the total number of mentions. Ideally, you’d want to have high passion and high reach, because that would mean that you have a whole lot of individuals mentioning your product repeatedly. However, if your reach is low, but your passion is, then you probably have a smaller group of admirers who are talking a lot about your product. In this case, it’s time to focus on reaching more people.
  • Strength: This metric describes how likely your product is being discussed in social media. The way News Monitors calculates this is that it takes the number of mentions in the past 24 hours and divides it by the total number of possible mentions, giving you a percentage. Think of this as your “share of voice” in the social universe.
  • Sentiment: This metric is the ratio of positive mentions to negative mentions. Of course, you want more positive than negative mentions. This metric tells you if people are happy with your product or not. You can also see a breakdown of positive, neutral, and negative mentions right below. Don’t be surprised if you have a lot more neutral mentions than positive or negative mentions, and don’t think of neutral mentions as negative. Neutral mentions mean that people are still discussing your product!
  • Passion: This metric gives you an indication of whether people are repeatedly mentioning your product. This can speak to people’s loyalty to your product or company. If you have a high passion metric, then you have people repeatedly discussing your product. Couple that with a high ratio of positive/neutral vs. negative mentions, then you must be doing something right!

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