News Monitors Data Linking Dashboard and Analytics

Maximize Your Brand Monitoring with News Monitors’ Comprehensive Dashboard

News Monitors’ dashboard for tracking and analyzing brand mentions across online and offline media using our audio recognition engine. Our comprehensive platform allows you to never miss another mention of your brand or keywords, and helps you stay on top of every issue as it happens.

What does News Monitors track?

  • 187 languages
  • 150 million websites
  • 10+ social networks
  • Audio recognition engine for transcribing broadcasted media and making it searchable

Protect your brand across the world

Our advanced sentiment analysis in 25 languages and customizable crisis dashboards allow you to protect your brand and combat issues before they escalate. Receive instant, automated alerts and use smart spike analysis for advanced issue detection. Stay on top of every issue with real-time listening through our command center.

Spot emerging trends with real-time listening

Use our AI-powered data listening to surface trends hidden in the noise of social media. Find the right moment to latch onto a trend using our unique trending score and trend prediction graphs. Learn how trends spread with the Virality Map and analyze the impact of current trends by comparing them to previous trends. Access 2 years of historical data and automated theme-based trend detection.

Listen, react, and respond in real-time

Use real-time social listening and our audio recognition engine to transcribe and search broadcasted media, respond to comments and problems in seconds, build better relationships with customers and influencers, and optimize event performance. Easily monitor key conversations and jump in ahead of competitors with customizable dashboards and Hootsuite integration.

Other features to enhance your brand monitoring experience include:

  • Trending Score: Latch onto trends at the right moment by monitoring the speed of sharing of articles, tweets, images, and more.
  • Sentiment analysis in 25 languages: Track brand reputation over time and view results by country, language, or media type.
  • Data from print, TV, online, and social media: Benefit from proprietary crawling technology indexing more than 150 million local and international websites, 10+ social networks, and access an extensive archive of major global TV, radio, print media, and newswires.
  • Offline databases and data combos: Go beyond social media and track discussions on online news sites, blogs, forums, and offline databases.

Don’t miss out on the power of comprehensive brand monitoring – try a free demo of News Monitors today.